Santa chooses Alsco to be the official uniform provider of the North Pole



Santa chooses Alsco to be the official uniform provider of the North Pole

NORTH POLE — Dec. 24, 2020 — Alsco Uniforms is the official uniform provider of Santa’s Workshop.

During this busy time of year, the last thing Santa needs to worry about is keeping the North Pole running smoothly, safely and in tip-top shape with the elves looking professional and his red suit ready to go with a wink of his eye. Like Rudolph’s red nose, this is where Alsco shines as the uniform industry’s best-kept secret. The jolly old St. Nick himself reached out to Alsco in hopes of taking a few things off his plate, and we aren’t talking about Christmas cookies. With Alsco’s customized uniform services, Santa is breathing a sigh of relief, and it may sound more like Al-sco than Ho, Ho, Ho!

“When Santa called and asked us to be the official uniform provider for his workshop, we were more than thrilled to design a custom program to fit his unique needs,” said Ben Fox, Alsco director of sales and marketing.

With the merry- and bright-colored Alsco uniforms Santa chose this year, the elves are looking as professional as ever. Each workshop now has its own holly jolly uniform color. Elves have a history of being a little on the mischievous side, so keeping them working in their designated workshops can be a challenge, especially when they are wearing identical, run-of-the-mill, generic uniforms. “Trust me when I say you do not want an elf that normally works as a toy developing engineer working in the garage as a mechanic on the sleigh,” said Santa Claus. “Next thing you know, the sleigh literally has all the latest bells and whistles! It gives a whole new meaning to ‘jingle all the way’.”

Mrs. Claus and her team are particularly excited about Alsco’s provision of fresh, clean shirts and pants to Santa’s Workshops: “Do you know how many loads of laundry it takes each week to keep our elves looking their best? Don’t get me started! Santa’s suit is always covered in soot and ash. Have you tried getting that stuff out of a heavy suit?” Now that she has some spare time, Mrs. Claus says she will start practicing for the 2021 Reindeer Games.

If the elves in their new uniforms and Santa looking better than ever weren’t enough, Alsco was able to deliver even more! With the extra precautions in place to stay healthy, handwashing stations have popped up all around the North Pole. Alsco saved the day again with options like hand sanitizer stations and PPE, including gloves and disinfectants available around every corner.

Climates like the North Pole do add a little extra slipping and sliding this time of year, so Alsco safety mats have been a big hit with staff and management alike. Thanks to mats that are certified high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute, the days are gone when elves walked into work just to slip and fall! And if someone does get injured, Alsco is providing its easy-to-use first aid kits to Santa’s Workshop!

Christmas is a time of cheer, and this year Santa said he is giving three cheers for Alsco! Santa has his own to-do list, and because he checked it twice, he knew he needed the extra help Alsco delivers to take care of the personalized and specific needs of his business. Alsco is sure to be on the nice list this year.

Follow Santa’s progress as he travels across the U.S. by visiting the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) website, where NORAD tracks Santa’s Christmas Eve voyage.

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