Delivery drivers are HOT! But they can stay cool with MIMIX™ Uniforms.

With yet another heat wave sweeping the northern hemisphere, the news is filled with sad tales of people succumbing to heatstroke and worse. Excessive heat often hits delivery drivers hardest, who make hundreds of stops while moving thousands of pounds of deliveries per day. Sometimes working up to 14-hour shifts. In order to cool off, some drive their big trucks with open doors with hopes of cooling down between stops, but most drivers are sweating it out, and many are simply dropping out. It’s a grueling job any time of year, but during our current heat wave, it can have dangerous consequences on the health and safety of your frontline workers.

Alsco Uniforms is here to help you stay safe and cool. Alsco Uniforms carries Red Kap’s proprietary MIMIX™ fabrics, our MIMIX™ uniforms are scientifically designed to flex and breathe, no matter how hard you work or how much you move. 

Our MIMIX™ utility pants and shorts use built-in flex panels to provide superior flexibility and a comfortable fit so you can bend, squat, and stretch without anything holding you back. They’re also resistant to wrinkles and color fade to keep them looking good for years to come. 

Our MIMIX™ work shirts, featuring industrial-friendly ripstop fabrics with Touchtex™ technology, offer superior color retention and wick moisture away from the body for comfort. They also offer a pre-cure, durable-press, wrinkle-resistant finish. Performance mesh panels provide additional breathability when and where you need it most. Alsco Uniforms offers a long or short sleeve version.

With Alsco Uniforms weekly cleaning service, you’ll always have clean, comfortable MIMIX™ uniforms ready to help you handle the heat delivered to your employees each week with personalized lockers for storage.

Your delivery job is stressful enough. Don’t lose your cool. Call Alsco Uniforms today and ask about our fully customizable uniform service, featuring Red Kap’s MIMIX™ technology, so you can focus on your work, not on the weather. Let Alsco Uniforms deliver, so you can too.

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