Alsco Lends Its Support to Journey of Hope

SALT LAKE CITY – A frequently overlooked but high-risk population is women who have experienced homelessness, incarceration, sexual abuse or domestic violence. Journey of Hope, a Salt Lake City-based nonprofit, offers these women hope for a better life. Alsco’s recent donation to the organization will help it significantly further its work and reach more women who need help.

“Our donation will help serve over 300 sexually exploited, addicted, homeless women and girls,” says Greg Barton, general manager for the Salt Lake City Branch. “To us that feels like money well spent and can have a huge positive impact on a lot of women’s lives.”

Journey of Hope seeks to address the economic, education, vocational and resource needs of the women it serves by ensuring the women have access to mental health and medical care, safe daycare opportunities for their children and a chance to learn vocational skills or receive educational training that will allow them to find careers that can provide sustainable, livable wages.

Having helped more than 1,000 women since its founding, Alsco’s donation will allow Journey of Hope to serve almost one-third more women. In addition, Alsco is also partnering with Journey of Hope to hire women receiving services from the organization, furthering its goal of helping these women find stable and sustainable careers.

“Journey of Hope empowers women and girls at risk of further harm and incarceration,” says Barton. “It’s a much-needed service, and we look forward to partnering with them to achieve this goal.”

About Journey of Hope

Journey of Hope empowers women and girls at-risk for further harm and incarceration — the homeless, the trafficked, those fleeing domestic violence, the addicted, the mentally ill, women transitioning from jail and prison, and girls aging out of state services. Through their case management services, they help women access safe housing, domestic violence and sexual assault services, emergency medical and mental health care, child care and employment services.


Photo taken February 7, 2020 Right: Greg Barton Alsco Salt Lake Branch GM Left: Shannon Cox, CEO of Journey of Hope

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