Alsco Hof House Stands as Symbol of Ogden-Hof Sister City Relationship

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Jan. 19, 2018) — For the 32nd year, festival goers will enjoy a taste of Germany at the annual Sneddon Hof Germanfest. However, this year, there will be a new addition to the festival—the Alsco Hof House.

Designed as a symbol of the Ogden-Hof sister city relationship and to honor Alsco’s continued support as a major sponsor of the annual Hof Germanfest, the house will be on display at this year’s festival and for years to come. Local families can also enjoy the Alsco Hof House every year at the annual Christmas Village at Ogden City Hall.

The Hof Germanfest is meant to further foster the relationship between Ogden and its sister city, Hof, Germany. Ogden’s sister city relationship with Hof began in 1954 through the People to People program, and it continues today through the strong bonds between the two cities.

Under the purview of former mayor Scott Sneddon, a passionate advocate for the sister city relationship, the Hof Winter Carnival was started in 1986. The event has since been renamed the Sneddon Hof Germanfest, but it remains the same at heart—a place where hundreds of families can go to enjoy traditional German food, music and crafts.

“Alsco is honored to help foster greater cultural understanding between our country and Germany through the Hof Germanfest,” said William Bennett, the general manager for the Alsco Ogden branch. He and his wife Melissa, have served for several years on the Hof Festival Planning Board and have been the “unofficial liaison” for the past 12 years between the Ogden Mayor and City Council and those of Hof Germany.

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