Alsco Gives Support to Seniors Through Philanthropic Partnership Program

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Alsco Inc. recently joined the Eskaton Foundation’s Philanthropic Partner Program to better support senior citizens as they age, helping them remain independent, but also provides volunteer opportunities and education forums about the aging experience for Alsco employees.

Seniors are an often overlooked demographic when it comes to charitable giving. In fact, in the United States, only two percent of all giving is directed to senior causes.

“Our donation allows us to support seniors through the innovative health, housing and social services the Eskaton Foundation provides to seniors,” says Mark Kotsios, general manager, Alsco Sacramento.

About Eskaton Foundation                                                                                                                        

Eskaton, which means “the dawning of a new day,” is a community-based nonprofit whose mission is enhancing the quality of life of seniors to transform the aging experience. Eskaton Foundation supports the needs of seniors in the greater Sacramento area.

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