Alsco Durham Earns TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification

DURHAM, N.C. – Alsco Durham recently achieved the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification, which ensures that laundering processes effectively remove pathogens from healthcare textiles.

Chris Strickland, Alsco Durham general manager, said, “We are very excited to have achieved this TRSA Hygienically Clean Certification. This achievement strengthens the commitment that Alsco plants have always had to follow government guidelines when processing healthcare textiles. We can assure all of our customers that all laundered textiles at the Alsco Durham plant follow government guidelines and provide a hygienically clean product.”

TRSA certification is a confirmation of a laundry’s dedication both to compliance with government guidelines and to rigorous processing of healthcare linens and garments, using best management practices (BMPs). As described in its quality assurance documentation, BMPs are the focal point for TRSA inspectors’ evaluation of critical control points that minimize risk within a facility. In order for a facility to earn certification, the independent, third-party inspection must find and confirm essential evidence that:

  • Employees are properly trained and protected

  • Managers understand legal requirements

  • Facility is OSHA-compliant

  • The physical plant operates effectively

TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certified facilities must pass three rounds of outcome-based microbial testing, indicating that their processes are producing hygienically clean healthcare linens and garments with zero presence of harmful bacteria. To maintain their certification, laundry plants must pass quarterly testing to ensure that laundered product quality is consistently maintained even when laundry conditions change, such as water quality, textile fabric composition, and wash chemistry.

“Obtaining TRSA Certification for the Alsco Durham Plant has been a great experience for all members of our team. Everyone played a pivotal role in preparing for and achieving this healthcare certification,” stated Strickland. “It has been an incredible opportunity to work together for a common goal.”

These stringent processes eliminate subjectivity by focusing on outcomes verifying that textiles cleaned in these facilities meet appropriate hygienically clean standards and BMPs for hospitals, surgery centers, medical offices, nursing homes and other medical facilities.

About TRSA: Millions of people rely every day on the clean uniforms, garments, linens, towels, walk-off mats and other products provided by TRSA-member commercial laundries. TRSA serves its members by promoting and protecting its companies and educating owner/operators, executives, and management through professional development, independent certifications that conform to internationally recognized standards, advocacy and research. For more information about TRSA and its certifications, visit

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