Alsco Donation Supports YMCA Trout Lodge and Camp Lakewood 2018

ST. LOUIS June 19, 2018 – The Alsco St. Louis branch of Alsco Inc. recently donated to the YMCA Trout Lodge and YMCA Camp Lakewood in the St. Louis area. The YMCA has a long history of working with communities across the country to deliver programs that strengthen the health and well-being of children, such as running outdoor education programs and camps all across the United States. These camps provide a natural setting for experiential outdoor education and to help children learn how to lead healthy lives and deal with social responsibilities.

At the YMCA, no child, family, or adult is ever turned away for lack of funds. Each year, nearly 8,000 children and adults receive much-needed financial assistance from the YMCA. This means the YMCA relies heavily on community donations from partners and individuals to achieve their annual goals. The Alsco St. Louis donation helps provide opportunities for special-needs families to participate in a retreat for networking, educational workshops, and respite.

Staff at Alsco St. Louis applied for and received a non-profit gift/grant through the Steiner Foundation, which was created by Alsco in 1969 to allow Alsco branches to become involved in and help support various non-profit charities and projects in their local communities.

“Our donation will help provide children the needed assistance to participate in outdoor educational opportunities that will help them learn to be confident, healthy, connected, and secure,” said Dennis Chandler, Alsco St. Louis general manager. “We are honored to offer this support to our community and proud to be able to make this contribution to such a stellar organization.”

About Gateway Region YMCA

The YMCA was initially founded in London, England, in 1844 to respond to unhealthy social conditions by putting Christian principles into practice in a nonsectarian way to build healthy spirits, minds, and bodies. The idea of the YMCA spread rapidly to the United States. The Gateway Region YMCA (greater St. Louis area) was founded in 1853, and it has since become one of the leading health and human service organizations in St. Louis. YMCA facilities provide community gathering and recreational areas as well as fitness centers, swimming pools, childcare facilities, sports programming, student volunteer centers and learning labs, including YMCA Camp Lakewood and Trout Lodge. For more information or to make a donation, visit

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