Alsco Donation Helps Shoshone-Bannock Children Soar Academically While Honoring Their Culture

Salt Lake City, Utah – June 6, 2017 – Alsco Inc., the premier linen and uniform rental services company, recently donated funds through its Alsco Blackfoot branch to the Lillian Vallely School (LVS) that serves children from the Fort Hall Indian Reservation to help support the school’s general operations.

Far too many Native American cultures are in danger of being lost or forgotten as younger generations grow up without learning their tribal language or traditions. The Lillian Vallely School (LVS), which is located in the town of Blackfoot near the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in eastern Idaho, is working to change this trend and is as much about honoring the Shoshone-Bannock culture as it is about the academic success of students.

A fully accredited, private elementary school for approximately 30 children kindergarten through fifth grade, LVS blends education, the Native American cultural traditions of the students, and Christianity (Episcopalian) into a rich learning environment. Shoshone language, crafts, dances, and music, including the Indian flute, are taught along with an educational core curriculum such as math, reading, and science.

The goal of LVS is to provide the schoolchildren with the necessary educational foundation to navigate through life on the reservation as well as in the wider world. Students are encouraged to attend college if they wish while also learning to feel confident and comfortable in many diverse settings.

As a nonprofit that does not charge tuition because it would be beyond the budget of most of the families the school serves, LVS relies on the generous support of individuals and community businesses in eastern Idaho. The Alsco Blackfoot branch is one of those supporters—donating funds to assist the general operations of the school. “The enhancement and positive impact on Native American children is significant,” says Christian Utley, general manager for Alsco Blackfoot. “The school prepares them to be better educated, better citizens, and better future employees. We are proud to be able to support such a noble endeavor.”

About Lillian Vallely School (LVS): Nonprofit LVS was begun in January 1998, by Episcopal Bishop John Thornton at the request of a group of Shoshone-Bannock elders from the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. The school continues to honor these elders’ wish for a school where academic excellence would be expected, their children respected, and their culture honored. For more information or to make a donation, visit

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Christian Utley General Manager Alsco Blackfoot


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