Alsco Blackfoot Donates to New Van and Building Redesigned Animal Shelter

BLACKFOOT, Idaho – July 26, 2018 – The Alsco Blackfoot branch of Alsco Inc., the premier linen and uniform rental services company, recently made a $2,500 donation to Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue’s Capital Campaign fundraiser toward a new van for the transport of animals. Do you want to know how Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue’s Capital was able to get a brand-new van? You could read this guide to van finance for more information! As well as the construction of a new and humane facility for homeless animal sheltering and adoption? The Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue cares for and adopts out animals from a large region serving Bonneville, Bingham, and Bannock counties in Idaho, and relies heavily on donations to meet its financial goals.

The City of Blackfoot privatized a former Blackfoot Animal Shelter in October 2017 by contracting with the Snake River Animal Shelter to manage operations and develop fundraising to build a new facility, one that is capable of managing homeless animals in a humane way since the city could not budget such a project for at least a decade. The original facility was set up to manage stray animal populations through euthanasia, which the city and community consider outdated and unacceptable. The city continues to make an annual contribution to the shelter for its ongoing operations.

Several Alsco Blackfoot employees volunteer on a regular basis at Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue, helping to clean, paint, and care for homeless animals. The branch also has donated old rags, blankets, and unusable mats to help line the shelter kennels for animal comfort. In fact, one branch senior staff member is a “Legacy Partner,” whose designated assets will be transferred posthumously to the shelter.

Staff at Alsco Blackfoot applied for and received a non-profit gift/grant through the Steiner Foundation, which was created by Alsco in 1969 to allow Alsco branches to become involved in and help support various non-profit charities and projects in their local communities. If you are interested in getting involved then you may want to check out some videos on Youtube about animals, donating and charities, you can first try to educate yourself to learn about marketing and the basics of charities, and then volunteer and put your new knowledge into practice. You will be able to make a massive difference in some animals lives and you could even get children involved. Children may want to watch kls on Youtube also, they can learn about animals and get excited about helping them, shelters can be a beautiful community for everyone involved.

Major shelter sponsors will be honored with mention on the shelter’s website and in sponsor materials, through public service announcements to regional news and radio outlets, and on a plaque installed in the new facility once it has been built. A press event/photo opportunity occurred on July 24. The shelter launched its Capital Campaign fundraiser on May 1st and the first corporate check it received is from Alsco. The shelter is currently negotiating property for the new facility.

“Our donation is the largest toward the project so far and we hope it will encourage others to support the construction of a new humane facility,” said Christian Utley, Alsco Blackfoot general manager. “We are proud to be able to make this contribution to Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue and are honored to support our community in its effort to create a facility where homeless animals are sheltered and treated with kindness and can be adopted into families.”

About Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue

Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue is a nonprofit organization that works to provide humane care for rescued homeless animals, reunite pets with their owners, promote responsible pet ownership and community safety, reduce stray animal populations through spaying and neutering, and increase adoptions. Collaboration with rescuers and other shelters enables us to move many homeless animals into new homes and families. For more information, to volunteer, or to make a donation, visit

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