Why Uniform Rental is Perfect for Your Dental Practice

August 4, 2020,
We love working with dental practices in the United States and Canada, providing uniform rental services along with towels, floor mats, and washroom supplies. Do you own dental practice? If so, how does your office handle uniforms? We encourage you to look into uniform rental if your employees currently furnish their own uniforms. Rental is perfect for your dental practice for a host of reasons.

A Consistent Look

There are practices that require staff members to provide their own uniforms. They mandate a certain color and cut, yet that expectation only goes so far. It’s nearly impossible to create a consistent look when every team member is procuring his or her own scrubs.
Scrubs among different manufacturers are rarely identical and color inconsistencies can become an issue after a while. Neither are color shades. And even if two team members start out with the same shade, their scrubs will fade at different rates over time, depending on how colorfast the fabric is and the home-laundering frequency and procedures.
Uniform rental solves those problems. Every team member receives scrubs made by the same manufacturer and with the exact same cut and color. And because we launder uniforms the same way every time, colors maintain a consistent look.

Always Clean and Ready

Uniform rental guarantees that team members always have clean uniforms, and not just clean, but hygienically clean. No member of your staff has to worry about getting the laundry done the night before just to have a uniform the next day. We handle the laundry. Your team members only have to grab the next set of uniforms at the office to have a clean uniform ready to wear.

Face Masks and Isolation Gowns

In addition to scrubs and lab coats, we also provide cloth face masks and reusable isolation gowns. In the COVID-19 era, both are highly recommended for dental practices. Our cloth face masks are great for front office staff as they interface with patients throughout the day.
Our professionally cleaned, reusable isolation gowns are effective for dental hygienists who spend all day doing cleanings. An isolation gown protects hygienists from splashes and spills. Even dentists and dental assistants might consider wearing an isolation gown during complex procedures. Best of all, because they’re reusable, when you add them to your uniform program with Alsco, you don’t need to worry about the worldwide shortages that disposables regularly face, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

An Attractive Perk

Finally, there is no denying that uniform rental is an attractive perk for employees. If your team members are currently sourcing their own uniforms, they are spending time and money on clothing and laundering—money that comes out of their take-home wages. A managed program can alleviate their concerns and yours about having the right uniform ready when needed. If your dental practice is not currently renting uniforms, it’s time we talk. We would love the opportunity to show you how a rental program from Alsco can benefit your business and make your team members happier at the same time.