How to Get the Most Out of Company Uniforms

August 15, 2019,

Even the highest-quality company uniforms will eventually need replacement. That is one of the reasons we recommend uniform rental over purchase. When you rent, your provider replaces uniforms whenever needed, relieving you of the expense and hassle.

Whether you rent, lease or buy, there are things you and your employees can do to make your company uniforms last as long as possible. By following the suggestions below, you will be getting the most out of your uniforms.

1. Have uniforms laundered regularly

The human body routinely soils clothing by way of perspiration, body oils and dead skin cells. So even uniforms that look clean may not be. Dirty uniforms tend to break down faster than their clean counterparts, which is why we recommend having uniforms laundered regularly.

Does each staff member need a new set of clothing for every day of the week? That depends on the work environment. Some will require clean uniforms every day, while others can get away with a few changes per week.

2. Address stains and spills immediately

Spilling anything on a work uniform can eventually lead to a permanent stain. You can get the most out of company uniforms by addressing stains and spills immediately. A stain may not affect the integrity of a garment, but it certainly doesn’t look good to your customers.

If you are already an Alsco customer and don’t know how to address spills and stains, do not be afraid to ask. Your customer service coordinator will be happy to either answer your questions or put you in contact with one of our laundry specialists.

3. Pay attention to garment labels

Uniform garments include labels with any special instructions necessary to maintain them. If a garment label says to avoid washing with hot water or using certain kinds of detergents, heed that advice. Not paying attention to garment labels is one of the leading causes of premature degradation.

This piece of advice applies mainly to companies that launder their own uniforms. If you are outsourcing uniforms to Alsco, we already know how to properly handle them.

4. Store uniforms properly

Storage is a big thing in the lifespan of a piece of clothing. For example, uniforms are delivered from Alsco ready to wear. We deliver them with the understanding that customers will keep them hanging in a locker, closet or placed on a rack until use. Stack those uniforms in a big pile and your workers are likely to be wearing wrinkled clothing by the end of the week.

Uniform storage also considers heat, moisture and direct sunlight. These environmental factors can lead to early deterioration if they are persistent. Our advice is to store any uniform in a cool, dry place such as a closet, locker or storeroom. If employees take their self-laundered uniforms home, advise them to hang the garments in a closet.

5. Outsource your uniforms

The most efficient way to get the most out of your company uniforms is to outsource them. A professional uniform rental company such as Alsco knows all the tricks of the trade for extending uniform life as long as possible. We know how to safely launder uniforms, how to press them and how to store them the right way.

Furthermore, we know how to repair uniforms when necessary. As long as repairs are generally minor, they can extend the life of a uniform even further. The longest possible life with the best possible appearance is the ultimate goal.