Three Reasons to Keep Using Floor Mats in the Summer

August 2, 2019,

The winter season is pretty busy for us in terms of floor mats and wet and dry mops. Especially in areas that see a lot of cold temperatures and precipitation during the winter, our floor-care products are essential for dealing with snow, ice, etc. Come summer, the demand for floor mats tends to wane.

We recommend our clients continue using their mats throughout the spring and summer. Our recommendation is not based on a desire to keep revenues coming in. No, there are very well-founded reasons to use floor mats throughout the year. Three of them are explained below.

1. It rains in the summer

One of the primary reasons for deploying floor mats is to prevent people from having to walk on wet floors. In the winter, property managers are constantly dealing with snow and ice, which can easily create slippery conditions. But remember that it rains in the summer. Summer rains may not be as problematic as winter snow and ice, but they still make interior floors slippery.

Always remember that slip-and-fall accidents lead to personal-injury lawsuits. These lawsuits are based on what is known as “premises liability.” As a business owner or property manager, your liability does not lapse during the summer. You still have a legal responsibility to make sure your property is as safe as possible for all guests. Not making use of floor mats could come back to bite you if a guest slips and falls on a wet floor during a rainstorm.

2. Chemicals are still hazardous

Some of our clients use floor mats in industrial environments because certain chemicals can make floors slippery. This does not change in the summer. For example, consider the typical tool-and-die environment. CNC machines have a nasty habit of spreading coolant around the floor, making for very slippery conditions for workers.

Those chemicals are hazardous regardless of the season. So if you are bringing in floor mats during the winter to mitigate your liability, keep them year-round. Your workers on the floor will be safer for it.

3. A professional image is always good

Deploying floor mats at all entrances to your building helps to create a professional image in the minds of your visitors. On approach, they see that you have taken the time to make their visit safer by covering the floor with an anti-slip mat.

Take that floor mat away come summer and you instantly damage your image. Guests will notice it is gone, and that will register in their minds. Even if they do not consciously recognize what has happened, they will notice that your property doesn’t look as professional as it did the last time they visited.

If your floor mats have been customized with your company logo, keeping them down all summer long is even more important. You do not want your brand to disappear just because summer has rolled around. No, you want your logo to greet your visitors whenever they arrive.

All of your floorcare needs

Here at Alsco, we are more than happy to meet all of the floorcare needs of our clients. Our floorcare services include standard and customized floor mats featuring anti-slip backings to keep them in place regardless of moisture and chemicals. We also offer wet and dry mops, along with a few other floorcare items.

Do not forget to ask about floorcare when you contact us about uniform and linen rental. Remember: caring for your floors is as important in summer as it is during the winter.