5 Things Racing and Uniform Rental Have in Common

August 1, 2018,

Alsco is extremely proud to have partnered with NASCAR to sponsor two annual Xfinity series races earlier this year, and we are looking forward to next year. In May we sponsored the Alsco 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, followed by the Alsco 300 at Kentucky Speedway in mid-July. We also sponsor and provide uniform and facility service rental for three different racing teams – Richard Childress Racing, Richard Petty Motorsports, and Roy Hill’s Drag Racing School.

So why are we so heavily invested in stock car racing? Because we believe that uniform rentals and racing have a lot in common. Fans who get a kick out of competitive racing on the weekends just might be the same people who wear our uniforms at work Monday through Friday. A lot of the decision makers who entertain clients at the racetrack on a Saturday night entertain decisions about uniform rentals during the workweek.

Our partnership with NASCAR is a natural extension of what we do as a uniform and linen supplier. And many of the things that make for a great racing team also make for a great commercial linen supplier. Below are five things our two industries have in common.

1. The Need for Speed

Auto racing is all about speed, right? Of course it is. The fans who come to the racetrack want to see fast cars turning fast laps.


Alsco route drivers are not speeding around town, but they are expected to make their deliveries on time. Customers depend on us for prompt and reliable deliveries. If we are unable to keep to an on time schedule, clients will find a new provider.

2. Successful Teams

Though most of the media attention in auto racing goes to the drivers, the sport is truly a team sport. It takes a team of highly dedicated individuals in back offices, garages, and pit rows to make it all work on race day. Likewise, Alsco relies on our service and operations teams all contributing to make us the industry leader in uniform rentals. Without them, we would not be number one.

3. Precision Equipment

The modern race car is a piece of precision equipment unlike anything else with four wheels and an engine. The cars are built from the ground up to be precision machines capable of taking the punishment of professional racing.

Precision equipment plays a crucial role in our industry as well. We utilize the latest laundry machines to process every piece that comes to one of our facilities. Finished pieces then go off on trucks that are also precision designed for our industry. Precision equipment allows us to deliver the best performance every day.

4. Brand Focused

A big part of professional racing is brand focus. As such, professional racing is a good tool for developing the brands of its various sponsors. Uniforms are a tool used by our clients to develop their own brands. A well-designed uniform can do wonders for brand awareness. In addition, it is known to boost employee morale and team work.

5. Winning Results

Finally, the best racing teams know how to win. Some win more than others, but winning is what matters at the end of the day. Again, what we do is similar. We may not be racing our trucks around the track every day, but we are seeking the same results: we want to be the best we can be in our industry. Winning is what drives us to continually do better in everything we do.

Partnering with NASCAR is a natural fit for Alsco. Partnering with Alsco may be a natural fit for you. If you are a racing fan, keep an eye out for Alsco on and off the track. And please remember to contact us for all your uniform and commercial linen needs. We can design a custom uniform program for your business.


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