Let Us Help with Building Cleanliness and Hygiene

April 18, 2018,

The staff responsible for maintaining your facilities have a big job to do. How well they do it affects the health and well-being of your entire workforce as well as any visitors you might welcome to your property. They need the right tools and supplies to do things correctly. That is where our linen and uniform services prove indispensable.

As a professional linen and uniform service provider, Alsco serves a variety of industries, including building maintenance. We can be your building and maintenance partner regardless of the size and scope of your operation. We can even help you if property management is your business.

The Art of Cleanliness

Maintaining your property starts with cleanliness. Believe it or not, cleanliness affects both employees and visitors. The cleanliness of your property can affect everything from worker mood to productivity. And as you know, it will also influence the image your visitors have of your organization.

We like to think of cleanliness as an art. And just as a painter is very particular about the brushes and paints he or she uses, we think you should be particular about the tools and supplies your staff uses for cleaning.

Take our wet-and-dry mops, for example. Having mops that are routinely cleaned and returned to your stock room gives your maintenance staff a good supply of mops to work with. And because we maintain that supply for you, staff will never be left trying to use mops that are so old and worn-out that they are ineffective.

Hygiene Is Another Concern

Cleanliness starts with aesthetics and extends to hygiene. We just expect that a clean building is also a hygienic one. To that end, we offer you lavatory supplies that will help you keep all your restrooms clean and fully stocked at all times. The maintenance staff will not be running around looking for what they need because we keep the stock room adequately supplied. We can set you up with a standing order flexible enough to meet changing needs.

Don’t Forget Safety

We are willing to bet that safety is something that is always on your mind. After all, the last thing you need is an accident that winds up in expensive litigation. Part of what we offer with our mat services is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have made your property as safe as can be.

To that end, our floor mats should be part of your company’s safety strategy. Floor mats placed at every entrance absorb water and provide traction as your visitors come through the door. You absolutely must have floor mats during the winter months—at the very least. We recommend them year-round.

Floor mats might also be appropriate in other key areas around your property. Anywhere workers or visitors might be exposed to water or other slippery substances on the floor is a good location for a mat.

And yes, we pick up mats for laundering and replace them with clean ones.

Uniforms for Staff Members

Let’s wrap this up by talking about uniforms for your maintenance staff. You may feel they are unnecessary, and we understand that. But take a minute to consider that our uniforms for maintenance workers are industrial-grade uniforms designed to withstand the punishment of their work. From long and short-sleeve shirts to pants and shorts, we can outfit your maintenance staff in uniforms that look good, protect them, and help others identify them as your trusted employees.

Let us help with building cleanliness and hygiene by way of our professional linen and uniform services.

You’ll be amazed at how much our services can help your maintenance staff.


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