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Helpful Tips for Efficiently Managing Isolation Gowns

Isolation gowns are a hot topic as healthcare facilities seek to protect staff members from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Though not new by any […]

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What to Look For When Purchasing Face Masks?

Wearing a face mask can help individuals feel protected and reassured that they are doing the best they can for their health. There are many […]

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Alsco San Diego Donates to Mama’s Kitchen

Left to right: Jenna Novotny, Mama’s Kitchen, director of development; Rob Wilson, Alsco San Diego, service manager; and Annette Casemero, Alsco San Diego, general manager. […]

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Healthcare Linens: How Is “Hygienically Clean” Defined?

Here at Alsco, we take great pride in delivering hygienically clean healthcare linens to our customers. Being certified hygienically clean is particularly important to us. […]

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person washing hands to prevent covid19
A Reminder to Wash Your Hands Frequently

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing us all to make changes. For example, we are having to pay more attention to hand washing and social distancing. […]

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3 Things to Know About Washroom Cleaning in the Workplace

Alsco is known throughout North America as a leading provider of uniforms and linens. But did you know that we also provide washroom products and […]

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