In our role as a provider of uniformed services, we often consult with customers about whether it is appropriate to upgrade uniforms. Indeed, the question about upgrading comes up more frequently than you might imagine. Companies that pay attention to branding and image are constantly looking for ways to upgrade and improve. Uniforms are often part of the equation.

This isn’t to say that every company looking to improve its image needs new uniforms. Sometimes current uniforms are best left alone. At other times, though, uniform upgrades can give staff members a fresh, new appearance that really make an impression on customers.

So, is it time for your company to upgrade its uniforms? That depends on what you want to accomplish. We would be happy to sit down with you and talk about both your uniform needs and how Alsco can help you as a uniform services provider. Below are a few things for you to consider.

Uniform Function

One of the places we like to start the upgrade discussion is with uniform function. In other words, why do your employees wear uniforms? We have customers in the manufacturing sector who use uniforms for employee safety as much as company image. We have customers in other sectors who use uniforms primarily for image.

Neither strategy is right nor wrong. The point to be made here is that companies do have to consider uniform function. If something in your company has changed—something that requires a new or different kind of functionality for uniforms—then it might be time to upgrade.

Uniform Style

Customer-facing employees have to be highly cognizant of their personal appearance so as to always reflect a positive image. Employers must be just as concerned. As such, what does the style of your current uniforms say about your company? If the style does not match the image you are trying to project, an upgrade is in order.

Upgrades of this nature usually occur when a company wants to update its image, appearance, or message. The current uniforms may be three to five years old, or even older in some cases, so they look dated. That may be fine in some industries, but a dated look could be harmful in others.

Brand Development

Believe it or not, brand development is an essential component of uniformed services. Have you ever wondered why the airline industry seems to change uniforms so frequently? It is all about brand. They want the image presented by customer-facing staff to be an indelible likeness printed on the minds of customers. Uniforms go a long way toward that objective.

The uniforms your employees wear speak to your brand, whether you realize it or not. Formal uniforms, including jackets and ties for men and skirts for women, present a professional image that speaks volumes about your company. A more casual uniform, featuring polo shirts and slacks, presents a more laid-back image.

The takeaway is that it may be time for an upgrade if your company’s current uniforms are not enhancing brand development. More importantly, an upgrade is definitely necessary if uniforms are harming your brand. You ideally want company uniforms to encapsulate your brand in such a way that customers think good thoughts whenever they see one worn by an employee.

As a uniform services provider, we can assist your company with your next uniform upgrade, which might be just the thing you and your staff need to improve day-to-day operations. A good uniform is functional, stylish, and brand-enhancing.