When we pioneered uniform rental more than 130 years ago, our main goal was to ensure that our clients always had clean and comfortable uniforms at their disposal. We created a service to provide a product our customers wanted while alleviating them of the burden of managing something that wasn’t directly related to their businesses. It is with that same goal in mind we developed our Perfect Mix program for cleaning chemicals.

Every business has its collection of cleaning chemicals stored in a maintenance closet. They use those chemicals to clean everything from washrooms to break rooms to floors. Someone must keep track of usage, maintain inventory and ensure that employees are using the right chemicals for each job.

Managing all of this may not seem like a big deal, but when you step back and realize that cleaning isn’t what your business is all about — unless your business is a cleaning company, of course — it’s alarming to see how much time and energy is devoted to managing these chemicals. Those resources could be devoted to more important tasks.

Perfect Mix Is Customized to Your Needs

Our Perfect Mix program takes the same approach to cleaning chemicals that we take to uniform rentals, table linens, health care linens and so on. Perfect Mix customers receive customized quantities of their cleaning products delivered regularly. Our route service representatives maintain inventory so that our customers never have to worry about running out. We don’t deliver what they don’t need, so they never worry about purchasing chemicals they will never use. Best of all, there is no up-front investment.

Better Inventory Control

The hallmark of Perfect Mix is better inventory control. For example, each of the chemicals we deliver comes in portion-controlled cartridges to minimize waste. Cleaning staff no longer have to guess how much solution to use for each cleaning application.

Our spray bottles can be used only with our cartridges, which reduces pilferage and money spent on replacement cleaning chemicals. Better inventory control saves money.

Simplify Your Cleaning

We are extremely proud and excited to offer our customers the Perfect Mix program. We believe it can simplify your cleaning regimen by saving you the time and energy otherwise devoted to maintaining chemical inventory.

Over the years, maintaining cleaning product inventory has gradually become more complicated. There are more products to choose from. Each cleaning product has more applications. And, as we have become more attuned to keeping spaces clean, the time devoted to cleaning has also grown.

We simplify the cleaning paradigm by eliminating the customer’s need to purchase and maintain their own chemical inventory. With that hassle out of the way, cleaning staff can devote more time to cleaning and less time to maintaining the inventory, including tracking chemicals, ordering new product and so on.

Ask your route personnel about Perfect Mix for your facility. Alternatively, you can contact your local Alsco office and speak with a member of our customer service team. We can’t wait to get you set up with Perfect Mix.