As the company that pioneered uniform rental in the United States in the late 19th century, Alsco boasts more than 130 years of experience in providing customers with high-quality products and unparalleled service. A big part of what we do today is what we call just-in-time service (JIT).

JIT service is ideal for managing facility services. It covers everywhere from the front of the house to back rooms and washrooms. It encompasses every aspect of facility appearance to ensure that your facility sends the right message to customers and guests.

We offer JIT service in conjunction with many products and services, including floor care and hygiene and well-being products and services. JIT also extends to our uniform rental. Why should you consider signing up? Here are just five benefits to our service:

1. We Handle Your Inventory

Our JIT service completely handles your inventory. This means our service representatives handle all the products we source for you, so no one on your staff will need to remember to take an inventory of washroom supplies, for example. Alsco takes care of it. This saves time and reduces the amount of storage space you need to dedicate to facility services. JIT might also save you money, depending on your company’s current ordering practices.

2. JIT Reduces Cross-Contamination

Our service reduces the cross-contamination that normally occurs when a business handles facility services in-house. Because we manage your inventory, you will not need to store excess materials and supplies that could be contaminated. Everything we deliver to you is clean and fresh. We only bring what you need for each delivery, so you will not have excess product sitting around in storage rooms.

3. You Project a Better Image

Allowing us to stock your washrooms and supply you with floor mats, washroom fixtures and more makes for a cleaner and tidier building that projects a better image for your company. In short, JIT service anticipates your facility’s needs, so you do not have to worry about your own staff falling behind and allowing your facility to look unkempt.

4. We Eliminate the Headaches

In addition to managing inventory and supplying you with top quality products and services, we also offer a hassle-free relationship with Alsco through our One & DoneSM service. One & Done offers each customer a single point of contact and is the perfect complement to any JIT program. In addition, customers can rely on one-day resolution for most issues.

One & Done plus JIT service is the perfect service for modern times and a hassle-free solution to wasting hours on the phone trying to resolve problems. One contact—problem solved.

5. Our Flat Fee Makes for Better Budgeting

Finally, JIT service is offered in conjunction with a flat fee structure. Customers pay a flat weekly rental fee based on the products you choose. This eliminates surprises when it comes time to pay invoices because you will only pay for the services and products you asked for. Your flat weekly rental rate will not increase suddenly and leave you wondering how you will work our services into your budget.

Want to know more about our just-in-time service? Let us know and we will be happy to provide you with more information. We can explain how it would benefit your business in real, practical, actionable ways. Our representatives are standing by to assist you in any way they can.