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As the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno is a popular casino town second only to Las Vegas. As such, tourism is a big player in the local economy. That is why it’s important for Reno food and beverage establishments to make a good impression on their guests.

That impression starts with staff uniforms. If your establishment isn’t renting uniforms, we’d like to invite you to consider Alsco rentals. We know a thing or two about uniform rental, given that we pioneered it in the United States more than 130 years ago. And as long as you’re thinking about staff uniforms, consider our top-of-the-line table linens as well.

Besides hospitality, Reno businesses rely on us to supply workwear uniforms for a variety of environments. These businesses leave their washroom, floorcare and first-aid needs to us as well. We handle it all with an unparalleled commitment to customer service.


In your business, time matters. And time spent away from your core business is time lost. Alsco takes care of your linens, uniforms, floor mats, washroom supplies, and more so you can stay focused on what matters most – your customers.