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Given that tourism and healthcare are such prominent industries in Calgary, we feel right at home offering linen and uniform services here. Healthcare and hospitality are two of the industries we focus most heavily on. How can we serve your company? Give us a call and let’s talk.

For the healthcare sector, we are proud to provide certified hygienically clean uniforms and linens. Note that we helped develop the standards for “hygienically clean” certification. Yet all of our plants and processes went through the certification process just as any other company would.

As for food service and hospitality, our uniform rental services clothe servers, head chefs and everyone in between. We provide customers with high-quality kitchen towels and bar mops along with five-star table linens that truly make a difference. If you would like to know more about our services in Calgary, don’t hesitate to reach out at your earliest convenience.


In your business, time matters. And time spent away from your core business is time lost. Alsco takes care of your linens, uniforms, floor mats, washroom supplies, and more so you can stay focused on what matters most – your customers.