Going Beyond the Lab Coat to Protect Patients

A previous blog post on our website discussed the traditional doctor’s lab coat and its potential to make patients sick by spreading bacteria. That post discussed a variety of possible solutions, including insisting on hygienically clean uniforms and redesigning said uniforms with short sleeves. This post proposes that doctors go above and beyond ...

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Alsco’s 130 Years of Service are No Accident

The comparatively young age of the United States makes it difficult to find businesses that have been operating for hundreds of years. Unlike European countries, we just do not have that kind of history here. For this reason and others, we are deeply proud that Alsco has been serving customers for 130 years now, and our success is no accident. K ...

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The Secret to Efficient Facility Management

“Facility management” are two words that strike fear in the hearts and minds of property owners who realize that their buildings will not manage themselves. They hire facility managers capable of getting the job done, but even the best managers don’t necessarily do things as well as they could. The secret behind efficient facility management ...

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