We, too, commit to anti-racist conduct.

The events in Minneapolis have reminded us, once again, of the racial discrimination that continues to persist in our society.  We are heartbroken to see the effects of racial bias and violence. Alsco totally opposes racial discrimination and violence, in all its forms. We stand with those individuals who have had their lives crippled by racism. We assert that it is everyone’s right to feel safe and secure at work, at home, and in our communities.  We support the right to assemble, peacefully protest, and participate in the democratic process.


We are inspired by Bubba Wallace, driver of the #43 car for Richard Petty Motorsports and his fellow NASCAR drivers’ pledge to listen and learn. In conversation and action, we, too, commit to anti-racist conduct, and similarly pledge to listen and learn as we work together to eliminate racial inequality. We assert firmly that black lives matter, and we commit to honor that statement with our actions.