Make 2020 the Year of the New Uniform

November 21, 2019,

The start of a new year is often good motivation to change things up. Business owners look at the new year as an opportunity to grow, expand, and do what they do better. If that is the mindset at your company, we encourage you to go for it. Anything you can do to push forward in 2020 is a good thing.

We want to encourage our uniform rental customers to consider making 2020 the year of the new uniform. A uniform redesign can improve your company image, provide the foundation for a new branding strategy, or make staff feel a lot better about the company they work for. Give it a try. You might be amazed at just how far new uniforms go.

A Fresh New Look

Many of our customers rely on uniforms to present a professional image. They do not need heavy-duty clothing for safety purposes or hygienically clean uniforms for health care work. For them, a new uniform in 2020 is an opportunity to create a fresh look that plays very well to customer perceptions.

Perhaps your staff has been wearing the same uniform for years. It is a fine uniform, but it’s also one that customers have become used to. A completely redesigned uniform for 2020 changes that. It lets your customers know that you are working to make your business better. A new look tells them that you are not content to rest on past success.

A Brand Upgrade

Hand in hand with a fresh look is upgrading your brand with a new uniform design. A good way to understand this is to look at some of the uniforms worn by fast food workers in the 1970s. Most of those uniforms would not work in 2020. Fast food uniforms today reflect upgraded brands influenced by modern culture.

Maybe your brand is stuck in the last decade. Perhaps your last upgrade occurred seven or eight years ago. The coming year is as good a time as any to embark on an upgrade, at least where uniforms are concerned. It is time to leave the tens behind and fully embrace the coming twenties!

Uniforms Designed Around You

Your new uniforms for 2020 can be either purchased or rented. We respect the fact that business owners have their own preferences. However, we do want you to know that renting from Alsco means renting from the company that started it all more than 130 years ago. Rest assured that we can design a uniform program around your company.

We feature brand-name uniforms of the highest quality. Our uniform services cover a variety of sectors, including healthcare, industry, and food service. What’s more, we offer custom embroidery and logo services. We can provide just about anything your company needs.

Do you run a restaurant in the middle of the downtown entertainment district? Count on us for high-quality uniforms for every member of your staff — from servers to bartenders and cooks. And, yes, we can provide table linens to match.

Do you manage a healthcare facility? Get in touch with us to learn more about our clinical uniforms.

Do you own an auto shop or a light industrial business? We have you covered with heavy-duty workwear that protects your workers and looks good at the same time.

The new year will be here before you know it. Why not make 2020 the year of the new uniform? Whether you are looking to upgrade existing uniforms or are planning to introduce team uniforms for the first time, Alsco has you covered.