As Winter Approaches, Clean Floors Are Safer Floors

November 12, 2019,

How often have you stepped into a local business midwinter only to be greeted by a floor wet with melted snow and ice? How often have you seen floors covered with dirt and debris that have been tracked in on winter boots? The fact is such floors are unsafe. They represent a slip-and-fall hazard that could mean serious injury and eventual litigation, which your business cannot afford. Know this as winter approaches: clean floors are safer floors.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on floors. If your business is located anywhere that sees even a moderate amount of snow and ice, you know that the period between early November and mid-March brings a constant battle between the elements and those tasked with keeping floors clean and dry.

Being proactive is the key to handling winter floor issues. To that end, we encourage our customers to regularly sweep and wet mop floors and to use no-slip floor mats. Alsco can help by providing the mops and mats you need.

Sweeping and Mopping

Snow and ice are bad enough, but they are made worse by surface dirt, which creates a more slippery surface. Surface dirt can create a whole host of problems when it mixes with water. That’s why it is so important to regularly sweep and mop floors during the harsh winter months.

We recommend using a broom or dry mop before the start of the day to get up as much loose dirt as possible. This should be followed by a thorough wet mopping. It is important to do this early enough in the day to allow the floor to dry completely before opening for business. Alternatively, some of our customers sweep and mop at the end of the day, so they are ready to go the following morning.

Keep in mind that wet mops are intended to be used in a very specific way. If you are not sure how, there is plenty of useful information online. We have also published blog posts explaining the wet-mop process in detail.

Slip-Resistant Floor Mats

Sweeping and mopping floors is not enough during the winter months. For truly safe floors, you need slip-resistant floor mats located at every entrance to your building. No-slip floor mats are specifically designed for winter use, with a rubber backing that firmly grips the surface of the floor and is not affected by water. They also have a rather generous carpet pile on top that absorbs quite a bit of liquid. When you rent from Alsco, you can get both plain mats and mats customized with your company logo.

Bear in mind that even the best floor mat has its limits. You might find that your floor mats can’t absorb all the snow and ice on especially stormy days. This means you should still keep a wet mop on hand to soak up excess water as needed. The floor mats can then be hung up to dry at the end of the day’s business.

Protection on Demand

Winter is on the way. With it will come plenty of snow and ice that customers and workers alike will track into your building. Protect them, yourself and your company by being diligent about keeping your floors clean, dry and safe. We are here to provide dry mops, wet mops and floor mats delivered on a regular schedule. If you need uniforms or linens, we can help with those as well. Please contact us for more information.