Why People Love to Hate Work Uniforms

It’s no secret that work uniforms are not always well received among employees. This is especially true in workplaces when uniforms are introduced after years of not having them. At any rate, we Americans love to hate our uniforms for a variety of reasons.

This love-hate relationship is based on a number of factors. Here at Alsco, we believe it is possible to furnish your workers with great uniforms they will absolutely love. They do not have to hate them in any respect. It’s really just a matter of making some wise decisions.

A Loss of Identity

As strange as it sounds, some people hate their work uniform because they feel like they lose their identity when wearing it. This generally boils down to the uniform not matching the worker’s fashion sense.

One way to address this is to choose uniforms that are modern and stylish without hurting the company’s brand; employers should avoid using an ugly and outdated look that hasn’t turned the page on the last century.

Uncomfortable or Unsafe

Two more reasons we love to hate work uniforms are because they are uncomfortable or unsafe. Let’s start with the comfort aspect. An uncomfortable uniform does not allow workers to move freely; it restricts what they do and how they do it. In some cases, the discomfort may rise to the level of pain. None of this is good for work uniforms.

In terms of safety, there are environments in which the uniform serves as protective gear, for example machine shops and auto garages. If a uniform doesn’t offer adequate protection, it’s probably not going to be well received.

An Extra Financial Burden

Yet another reason employees love to hate work uniforms is because they are required to bear the financial burden of paying for the uniforms themselves. For example, a restaurant might require all backroom and customer-facing employees to wear specific colors such as black pants and white shirts.

When employees have to buy and launder uniforms themselves, they feel as though their employers are putting an extra financial burden on them — a burden they do not deserve. Those employees might be more receptive of uniforms if the employer provided them.

Renting Uniforms from Alsco

Yes indeed, we love to hate our work uniforms here in the U.S., but it doesn’t have to be that way. Renting uniforms from Alsco addresses most of the concerns that employees have about wearing uniforms.

We carry modern and stylish uniforms that will please your employees and enhance your branding. The garments we select come from manufacturers that care about quality, comfort and function. Our industrial uniforms offer the protection your employees need.

You will also be pleased to know that our uniform rentals are very affordable. We make it possible for you to provide great uniforms to your workforce without breaking the bank. Moreover, we would submit that uniform rental is more cost-effective in the long run than buying and maintaining uniforms yourself.

Bring an end to the love-hate relationship your employees have with company uniforms. Give us a shout, and we can sit down and talk. We will evaluate your needs and offer you a variety of uniform solutions to choose from. We are confident we can find something that works for you and your employees.